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Saturday, November 20, 2010



Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello there,

We will update this blog more often to keep you updated (:
Customers pls 'like' our FB page to get instant updates.

We have a sad news! I will not be able to travel to other MRT stations anymore. So meet ups strictly @ Sengkang area pls :)

But don't worry if you stay far away, we will TRY OUR BEST to allow you to opt for Cash On Delivery so that you just have to meet us one time.
If not you may want to opt fr Postage. *charges will be out soon!*

For now, we have a few instocks to clear. *do help clear! also help to clear Instocks 1 & Instocks 2 please*

Photos taken by BH, please do not rip our picts.

1 Popcorn Pens Set (10 colours)
Selling this set @ $15
If no one wants it, i will pass it to someone in Popshop's ESBJ (Earn Some Bucks Job)

** this can also be prove that we do not scam for Popcorn & Pudding Pens Preorder as this pict of a Popcorn Pen Set is personally taken by us.

Pudding Pens.

* Picture to prove that we do not scam. This is personally taken by us.
** No instocks for this, sorry.

/ Rubberbands.

Available Colours: Blue-Lightblue, Red, Purple-White

Selling @ 15 bands for $1!
Cheapest dealz (:
I have quite a number of these rubberbands.
Do state the colour you want! Can mix:)

Thts all for now, do help clear!:D

Earpieces;CartoonTees;WireWraps & more coming your wayy!

Stay tuned ;)


BH of P-opshop (:

LED light stick


Thinking about going to any concerts ?
Here's a light stick you should get!
P-opshop left 1 only , so get it now!

When this LED light stick is shaked , it will produce words or even pictures.
Examples of the words/pictures being produced are: Stars , Hearts & 'I LOVE U'
This item is Selling HOT *
Last one at : $12.90 ( it is also a keychain so you can hang it around )

Pls text me if interested.